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Anchor Text Optimization

One of the key elements that determine web page rankings is the number of high quality links pointing towards that page. Combined with the keyword density of that particular page, these factors will determine where your web page appears when a search is initiated. So, the proper link building will boost your website popularity and ultimately bring more visitors on your site from search engine.

Let’s say you have a website on “washing machine”. Now, one of your pages is dedicated to “front load washer”, which is also the key phrase you optimized the page for. A good keyword density is not enough, however, and if you want to tank high you need to get as many incoming links pointing towards that specific page as possible.

While links pointing towards your domain name are valuable, you actually need to get links pointing towards that particular page in order to get the best results. The best way to build your links is using anchor text optimization, which is part of off page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Anchor Text Definition

What is anchor text? It is the text that becomes your link. The anchor text is the one that you can insert in an HTML code so that your link is actually a series of keywords or a keyword-rich phrase. The importance of hyperlink anchor text is high because it tells the search engines that the page the link is pointing at is focused on the topic described by the keywords.

Here is how the HTML code for a link looks like:

<a  href=””>Keyword Research Tips</a>

The web browsers will only display the link anchor text for the phrase “Keyword Research Tips” that will become underlined and hyperlink. This phrase is anchor text for the page that I am trying to rank and the page I am linking to from that article directory site.

You can keep the same anchor text for all your links, but if you are building a 1000+ links, then you might want to vary up the anchor text so it is not the exact phrase 100% of the time, to ensure you don’t get penalty from Google.

Where To Use Anchor Text?

Everywhere! When you are doing link building whether when you are posting on blogs, forums or groups, link exchange, sending articles to article directories and web directories.

For example, if you plan to send a few articles for submission to article directories, you should try to include keyword rich anchor text links in the resource box.

So if I create a link on an article directory, by writing and submitting an article, in the signature box I may a link like this :

To learn more please visit : Keyword Research Tips

By doing so, you ensure a much better chance for ranking high on particular keywords. Always remember to use a keyword rich phrase in links that allow HTML, instead of the classic

It also helps if you use variation in the keyword text links. When posting on blogs, for example, try to have your links point to different pages on your site, and for each page use the main page keyword in the anchor text.

This is also true for article submissions. You should submit one article to as many directories as possible, but change the link and keyword anchor text once in a while.

Incoming search terms:

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