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Google AdWords Keyword Research Tools

Google provides the best free keyword research tools on the Internet with its Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Search-based Keyword Tool. There is no better place to go for keyword database than the most searched upon search engine on the Internet.

If you want to run an effective Google Adwords campaign, it is necessary to learn how to use these Google AdWords keyword tools. These handy tools allow you to select keywords and determine how much you are willing to pay per click for ads that appear on web pages and search engine results pages that contain the identified keywords.

With your AdWords campaign, you want to reach an audience that is likely to want and need your product or service so that, once they arrive at your website, they will convert to a sale or lead. Having people click on your ad does nothing but cost you money unless you maintain a high conversion rate. So, we understand that choosing the right keywords is very important to your success in operating an AdWords campaign and Google AdWords Keyword Tools provide you with a wealth of keyword information.

When choosing the keyword or keywords that you want to target, keep in mind the keywords that your website is based upon. Those are, at least in part, the keywords you will want to select for advertising. However, you may have keywords on your website that are much broader than those that you want to use for your AdWords campaign. Whereas a person selling classic car parts online might use “auto parts” as a keyword on their website, it would certainly be a very bad choice for an AdWords keyword. Driving traffic that are seeking auto parts for late model cars will simply leave the website as soon as they see what is offered and, since you choose the keyword, the click would still cost you money. Instead, focus on keywords that are very directly related to what you offer such as, in the case here, “classic car parts”, for example. That way, only those people searching for and visiting websites related to classic cars and parts for those cars will see your AdWords campaign.

In using Google AdWords Keyword Tool External, you get the following information:

  • Estimated Ad Position – the range of positions likely to show your ad when a user searches on the associated keyword
  • Estimated Average CPC (Cost-Per-Click) – the estimated average cost each time a user clicks your ad on the associated keyword and with respective ad position range
  • Advertiser Competition – the shaded bar represents a general low-to-high quantitative guide to show how competitive it is for a particular keyword. In download csv format, you can get the number of advertiser bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google.
  • Approx Search Volume on the previous month – approximate number of search queries on Google and the search network on respective keywords in previous calendar month
  • Approx Average Search Volume – approximate number of search queries on Google and the search network on respective keywords over a recent 12-month period.
  • In Which Month, The Highest Volume Occurred
  • Broad Match Keyword or Match Type Keyword Options

The Google AdWords keyword tool allows you download the result in csv (for excel) format for your database and further analysis. Moreover, you can relate these keyword tools results with your AdWords Account for your AdWords campaigns.

The other new tool from Google you can utilize is Google Search-based Keyword Tool that provides keyword ideas based on actual Google search queries. It is also matched to specific pages of your website with your ad and search share.

This tool provides the following information:

  • Monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bid

    If you have extra fund to do keyword research, you can try paid keyword tools as great alternatives. These keyword tools have advanced features that provide more deeper information for your keyword analysis.

    Our recommended paid keyword research tools:

    We will write more about free keyword research tools in the next articles. Stay tune!

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    1. Cameron Kane Says:

      Adwords is a really great tool for promoting your website, forum or affiliate link. the ppc cost of adwords is even cheaper than Friendster or Facebook. before, i used to advertise on facebook but the ROI is so low. Adwords gives me a much better ROI compared to Facebook ads.

    2. Round Mirror  Says:

      adwords is definitely better compared to say Facebook ads, FB ads are very expensive`,:

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      i both use Adwords and FB Ads, facebook ads are much more expensive compared to adwords ;;


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