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Keyword Country – A Review

Keyword Country is a desktop software (Window) for keyword research that providing an interface of maximizing your profits with AdSense.

Keyword Country seems to have discovered a way through which it can suggest keywords that attract traffic, get more clicks, and fetch you more EPC (earning per 100 clicks).

Yes, you get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense.Using Keyword Country for keyword research is just like searching on Google. You will feel that Google is suggesting highest paying AdSense keywords while searching keywords via Keyword Country.

Keyword Country positions itself as a “Keyword Search Engine.” It is quite obvious that the product stands up to what it commits. They continue developing software, expanding the database and releasing the new features.This Keyword Search Engine Displays Nine Keyword Indicators You Most Need to be Successful with AdSense:

  • Maximum CPC
  • Estimated EPC
  • Number of Sponsors
  • Number of Clicks per month
  • Profitability rankings
  • Number of competitors
  • Traffic on Overture
  • Traffic on Google (estimated)
  • KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio

Keyword Country is really user friendly. Just type-in a keyword in this powerful keyword search engine, and you have millions of relevant keywords within a few seconds.

Keyword Country gives you access to:

  • Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth
  • Most clicked keywords
  • Most high paying keywords
  • Most low competition high value keywords
  • Anchor texts that work

Other remarkable features of Keyword Country

Allows you to search for keywords in 3 different ways via Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Price Range Search. Price Range Searching enables you to search for the keywords within a specific price range. The key advantages of this kind of a search are that it brings forth lots of low priced, hidden keywords that are really profitable. Besides, you can brainstorm new ideas for AdSense as well.

Provides you with lots of niche keywords from 650,000 industries. You can brainstorm new ideas on which you can build your next profitable AdSense website.

Gives you only profitable keywords by sorting the result by “Rating”. Sort the results by “Clicks per month,” and you will get the keywords that attract the most clicks for Google. Just integrate these keywords in your website, and you will increase the chances of getting more CTR.

Allows you to do in-depth research for each keyword with the Advanced Searching option. Offering a variety of searching options just like Wild Cards of Google, Advanced Searching can sort results on the basis of Max CPC, Average CPC, Searches, Sponsors, or anything else you like.

Provides another option of choosing high paying keywords from hundreds different sub-categories for one main keyword. For instance, I picked – Auto loan, and Keyword Country listed 1,257 keywords for the sub-category – Auto loan.

Has “Blank Search” feature that has not been found anywhere else. Blank Search allows you to reach the most searched keywords on planet earth, most clicked keywords that exist, most high paying keywords, and most low competition high value keywords. Just leave the keyword field blank in Advanced Search, and Keyword Country will give you such amazing lists.

All of its features make Keyword Country really outstanding. I can’t believe they are selling its access so cheap!

Furthermore, there are many more types of keywords that you can find out with Keyword Country. Just run through the following Video Tutorials for complete details.

Video Tutorials

The followings are links to the video tutorials to learn more how to choose best keywords for AdSense, PPC advertising and affiliate marketing by using Keyword Country:

Click here to get access to Free Keyword Tool and get keyword list of your niche.

After going through Keyword Country videos, Advanced Search starts making a lot of sense and you really get the hang of the powers of Keyword Country’s Advanced Search tool. You can customize your search the way you want. Whether you type in a search query, or you search the keywords without typing in a search query – Keyword Country generates hordes of keywords spanning different industries.

If you are really serious about making huge profits with AdSense, watch these videos today and discover the secrets of the highest paying AdSense keywords for your website niche, avoid wasting time and money building website with wrong keywords, and get new niche ideas for higher AdSense profits.

Click Here to Compare Keyword Country with Other Keyword Research Tools (Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Keyword Elite, NicheBot)

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