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Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

I am sure that you know what product you are looking for or you consider buying Keyword Elite 2.0, otherwise you would not visit this page. I have used Keyword Elite 2.0 for a week and played with it around, so I know the benefits as well as the flaws of this software that kept secretly by most affiliate marketers who promote it.

In this post, I will provide the honest review from my experience using this software, so you know what to expect when purchasing this keyword software. Is Keyword Elite 2.0 keyword software you looking for? Let’s find out the good and the bad of Keyword Elite 2.0 before you jump into a conclusion and spend your money!

The Good

Keyword Elite 2.0 is not a common keyword tool you can find out there both free or paid, but it is beyond a common keyword tool or I can say Keyword Tool ++. Why? Because KE 2.0 features 8 different programs that will help you to do what most website owners dream of:

  • Dominate niche marketing
  • Dominate Google Adwords
  • Dominate the Search Engine

Here is the 8 programs interface in main menu of Keyword Elite 2.0


I just provide a brief description of each program below. Visit Keyword Elite 2.0 and watch videos that show how 8 programs of KE 2.0.

  • Keyword Surge

This program allows you to create your initial keyword list. You can create both long tail and short tail keywords by using this program. You will be able to easily filter your results based on all possible criteria. Using this program, you will be able to create either a small, targeted keyword list; or an extremely large keyword list that you can filter down as you wish.

  • Market Research Sleuth

This program allows you to analyze your keywords in great detail, showing you just how competitive a specific niche/keywords is in each of the paid “paid per click” search engines, which include Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing

  • Adwords Time Machine

This program allows you to quickly and easily find profitable Adwords advertisers that you can mirror your marketing strategy after. You’ll be able to input a keyword and see an entire 6 month Adwords ad history for ALL websites that have advertised with that keyword for at least 1 of the past 6 months; and, you’ll be able to uncover their specific Adwords keywords.

  • Search Engine Dominator

This program allows you to analyze how difficult it will be to rank highly in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for a specific keyword. You’ll be able to see what percentage of people searching on your keyword could be potential buyers, or are simply browsers. You’ll also be able to see all “on page” optimization elements for each of the top 10 ranked websites for the keyword you input, giving you an idea of how you should be optimizing your own web page to fall in the top 10

  • Adwords Competition Sniper

This program allows you to monitor specific keyword/website combination in Adwords over a period of time. The longer the advertiser is bidding on a keyword, the greater the chance they are making money. You’ll be able to then hand pick the profitable campaign that your competition is running, and mirror them for your own Adwords campaigns.

  • Advanced Google Site Targeter

This program allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are displaying AdSense ads. Once you find those websites, you’ll be able to use Google’s very own “site targeting” feature within your Adwords account, to advertise your own website on these sites that you’ve uncovered.

  • JV Diamond Miner

This program allows you to uncover websites that are building an email list. These are the websites that you will want to partner with (i.e. ask them to promote your products) because these are the sites that can send a quick rush of buyers to your website with 1 mailing to their list. This program is great for those with a low budget.

  • CPA Magnet

This program allows you to quickly find CPA offers to match the niche that you’ve found to be a profitable niche to pursue. You’ll be able to search through 13,000 CPA and affiliate offers to find that perfect money maker.

The Bad

Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world as well as Keyword Elite 2.0. I found few things that I can’t do with KE 2.0:

  • I can’t get a list of top search keyword without you type any keywords first.
  • I can’t get a list of high paying keywords that were sought by Adsense publishers.
  • I have to combine with other tool to help me finding keyword phrase with high searches and low competition quickly.


I would say that Keyword Elite 2.0 is not a perfect keyword tool but it is a powerful tool that can do other things that you can’t find in another keyword tool in one package. I have no regret to have this keyword tool as KE 2.0 have saved me a lot of time and money in keyword research, and niche finding research, competition analysis on Adwords and search engine, and dominating search engine. With one-time payment of $197 without expensive monthly subscription that is being charged by other serious keyword tools out there, I truly believe it’s an invaluable investment to your online business!

Moreover, you can get a completely FREE 30 day trial of Search Marketing Elite membership club including a FREE copy of SEO Elite software (value:$167). I am not sure how long Brad will keep this unbelievable bonus, so you have to be quick if you want to grab this bonus as well.

Click here to visit Keyword Elite 2.0 and watch videos that show how those 8 programs of KE 2.0 can do for you.

If you have any questions about using Keyword Elite 2.0, please leave your comments below and also share your experience using KE 2.0.

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