Your guide to keyword reseach and keyword analysis

Keyword Research – A Basic

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

Keyword Research is one of the most important part in search engine optimization (SEO) field. In order to drive traffic to your site you need to rank high for keywords that get searched for. It is useless if your site ranks number 1 on search engine for keywords that no one searches for. That is why we need do a research to find those good keywords, keywords with high search demand. You should choose keyword wisely. Choosing keyword is not a guessing game but it is an art.

Why choosing keywords?

As you aware that search engine traffic is very important for success of any websites. Research reveals that most traffic (over 50%) is coming from search engine. Search engine is also the best source to get highly targeted traffic to your site. Traffic means sales, sales means profits. You can improve your revenue by attracting more visitors.

Let me give you an example. Your site is selling video games online and your site is on top for keyword phrase “online video games” on all major search engines. If over 1000 people search for online video games a day, you can imagine how many people will possible visit your site through search engine. This is the way you are getting visitor searching for video games. However, there will be a lot more of search in a day for “video” keyword, like: video CD, video camera, video clips, movie video, etc. But, if you get traffic coming from these keyword phrases, it will unlikely create sales of online video games products you are selling. So, when selecting keywords, you need to select only those that are relevant to your business. I hope you will now able to understand importance of choosing better keywords

How to choose keywords?

There are lots of tools for choosing better keywords available on the Internet. Basically, these keyword research tools will show a list of related keywords of your main keyword and tell you how many people search for that keyword/ keyword phrase everyday. A keyword research tool can be web based or software keywords tools. You can get some for free or with monthly payment or one time payment. I will explain more about keyword tools in our next articles. The more comprehensive a tool, the more information it will provide you that you need in deeper keyword analysis, a lot more than just number or searches and a list of related keywords.

Main things you need to consider before choose the right keyword tool are:

  • deciding “what is your target market?” – what is in your target market mind when they are looking for your products.
  • the purpose of the keyword research – pay-per-click advertising, website optimizing, choosing domain names, etc

Where and how to place these Keywords in your site?

The followings are primary places where you can place your selected keywords.

  • Meta tags

Placing keywords in meta tags (on meta title, keywords and description section) is for search engines spider recognize what your site is about.

  • Title

You have to place your main keywords (for which you are optimizing your site) on the title or sub-titles of your site for better ranking in search engine. If you provide article or blog in your site, you can use your keywords for article titles.

  • Description on the site pages

The next important part of your page where you can place your keywords is through out the Description on the site pages. Do not put too much keywords in this section, you can make search engine frown and consider your site as spam site. If this happens, your page rank will go down significantly. It is advised to have Keyword density of 3-6%.

Before you choose any domain name, sub-domain, directory or sub directory you should consider your keywords/ keyword phrases and then choose them wisely based on your keywords to improve relevancy for specific keywords.

  • Images

Use your keywords in naming your images to improve relevancy of your page for related keywords.

Now you understand the importance of keyword research and the basic information about keyword research. The more detail information on keyword research and how to do a comprehensive keyword research will be explained in our next articles.

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