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How to Choose A SEO Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name for your business website can be a challenge, if you want the search engine like your domain name. There are many different aspects that you should be considering when deciding on a search engine optimized (SEO) domain name. This article provides simple steps to follow in choosing the best new domain name that you can without considering your individual marketing or brand requirements.

How Accurate Are Keyword Tools?

In search engine optimization, it is a crucial element to select the right keywords when optimizing a website. Perfect keywords for optimization are those have high search volume and low competition. This is where keyword tools would come into place. The main keyword research tools that are found on the market today are Google AdWords Keyword Tool (KeywordToolExternal), Wordtracker, Keyword Elite, and Trellian Keyword Discovery. But how accurate are they?

Google AdWords Keyword Research Tools

Google provides the best free keyword research tools on the Internet with its Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Search-based Keyword Tool. There is no better place to go for keyword database than the most searched upon search engine on the Internet. If you want to run an effective Google Adwords campaign, it is necessary [...]