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Three Basic Keys of SEO

The more website owners realized the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to drive free traffic to their sites, the more theories that are circulating about what will get you high up in the search engines. From having your keywords in bold font, to having your text as close to the top of a page, along with the famous 3% – 7% keyword density rule, we can scrap them all since it comes down to three basic key points of SEO.

Anchor Text Optimization

The proper link building will boost your website popularity and ultimately bring more visitors on your site from search engine. The best way to build your links is using anchor text optimization which is part of off page search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Anchor text definition: it is the text that becomes your links. The anchor text is the one that you can insert in an HTML code so that your link is actually a series of keywords or a keyword-rich phrase. The importance of hyperlink anchor text is high because it tells the search engines that the page the link is pointing at is focused on the topic described by the keywords.